Tuesday Taste #6

I took a break from Tuesday Taste last week for Scott’s Transformation Tuesday (check it out if you didn’t see it!) but I’m back with a good one! I just mixed everything I had to eat together and it was SO GOOD!

This is just Browned Ground Turkey Breast with Sweet-Sweet Potato Cubes and Sauteed Kale.

Whitney Carlson - Tuesday Taste

Most of my recipes are from www.HeandSheEatClean.com. Be sure to check back next Tuesday for another meal idea! If you would like to participate in Tuesday Taste use the hashtag #tuesdaytaste when you post so that I can see all of your meal creations!

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- Whitney

August Coaching Spots

Whitney Carlson - August Coaching

I can’t believe it’s the end of July already. I say that every month but seriously…time flies!

I am forming my next 21-Day Jump Start team and also starting new personal coaching teams for August (4 and 12 week teams). There are different price options available for each. Please email me at whitneycarlsonfitness@gmail.com for more information. Space is limited and fills up quickly.

You can find more information, testimonials, and some before/after pictures below (these are currently being updated):
21-Day Jump Start
Personal Coaching

- Whitney

Injury + New Goals = New Training


I started this post about a week and a half ago and since then a lot has changed. I hurt my back last Saturday (July 12). It was dumb and partly preventable. I’m so mad at myself for not warming up enough. Anyway, I haven’t been able to workout since then. I have only been able to walk (no power walking) but no weight lifting. I am still pretty upset about it because I was getting my motivation back…actually, I was SUPER motivated which is why I was writing this post to share with you! However, I have been trying to see the positive in it…we released a new runner workout plan on Friday (running + strength training plan) so I had extra time to work on that. I also think my body was telling me to take a week off. In the past I would take an entire week off every 12 weeks but lately I haven’t had much of a schedule so I don’t think I’ve had that many consecutive days off.

Buttttt…that’s not all that happened since I started this post!

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Washington D.C./Maryland Trip

Scott had to go to Annapolis, MD for work so we, of course, went early to do a little sightseeing! I’ve never been to D.C. before and Scott hasn’t been since he was a kid so we flew into D.C. and stayed in Fairfax, VA Thursday-Saturday. Saturday we had to check into the hotel in Annapolis where Scott would be working but we still spent Saturday and Sunday in D.C.! We also used the opportunity to cross another National Park off our list (I have now officially completed that from my “30 Before 30” – even before our fall hiking trip)!

Thursday (July 3, 2014)

Our plane departed from Atlanta at 6:40 Thursday morning. We got to the airport in what we thought would be plenty of time until we saw the line at the counter where you check your bags. On the Thursday before a holiday Southwest only had 3-4 people working the check in counter. We waited almost 50 minutes in the line – I have NEVER waited that long. Then it was like Home Alone running through the airport to get to security. Luckily, the security line wasn’t too bad – it still took about 20 minutes. The entire time my head was racing and I kept thinking”We aren’t going to make it!”. They even put a “late check in” tag on our luggage and said they wouldn’t guarantee it would be on our plane. I wasn’t really concerned about the luggage – I just wanted to get to D.C. but the cost of a ticket change kept going through my head – it was so stressful! We made it through security and THANKFULLY we weren’t pulled to the side to be searched. We then ran like we were in Home Along again to get to the terminal. We ran up the escalator and when I got to the top I thought my legs were going to die. We didn’t even have time to put anything back in or on (computers, belts, etc.) after security and I had just worked legs the day before. We ran up to the counter, frazzled, and the worker said “Well, keep on running!” We made it with 2 minutes to spare! We were afraid we wouldn’t have seats together since Southwest doesn’t have assigned seating. Well, we get on the plane and we are 2 of 16 passengers! It all worked out great and we basically had the entire plane to ourselves! I took a short nap across the row I was sitting in.

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