I know I’ve been MIA on this blog but you can find me much more frequently on He and She Eat Clean! Anyway, I am SO EXCITED to announce that I am “officially” a certified coach! As many of you know, I am a health and wellness coach and I have been for a few years but I have just been procrastinating on actually turning in the paperwork for the certification. My goal was to have it turned in by the end of 2014 and I submitted everything on December 31! Talk about procrastination! I think I am more excited about this certification than I was about my personal training certification! Nutrition is SO IMPORTANT and although I’m not perfect (no one is) I love helping others find what foods work for them and LOVE helping them reach their goals.

Having the certificaiton process is just another reason why I love the TLS system. You have to prove that you have changed lives {Your clients have to submit testimonials and letters of recommendations – some of the testimonials I sent in made me tear up! You can read some of them on my testimonials page (and also here and here)}, attend a two day coaches training, take a test, and “live the lifestyle” yourself! I mention this because it’s very important that coaches are educated and I know that we have the “best of the best” coaches on our team because of it. Does that mean they have to be perfect, super lean, or stage ready? NO, but they do have to practice what they preach. We are about educating people instead of just putting everyone into a box and selling supplements. It’s important to understand WHY you should be eating a certain way, how your body responds, why exercise is important, which supplements are necessary, etc. I just love talking about it because I’m so passionate about it! You can meet some of our awesome coaches here.


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I’ve been trying to write this post FOREVER it seems but haven’t had the chance to finish it! In case you haven’t heard yet, Jim & Tiffany decided to step down from He and She Eat Clean so Scott & I are the sole contributors and owners of the website now. It’s a very exciting time but also very stressful. You probably already know by now how stressed out I get so let’s just say it’s been an ultra stressful time for me lately (so glad I have ACTS)!


Anyway, I don’t post (because I don’t take) many “ab” pictures (I think this was my last one!) but I woke up New Years Day morning and thought…”why not”? It’s the first day of the year so I should take a progress picture. We just got back in town from a two week trip that where we were in 4 different cities (Jackson Hole, Salt Lake City, Pahrump, and Las Vegas) so consistent eating and gym time was almost non-existent. Yes, we skied (downhill and cross country), went snowshoeing, and I got into a gym 2-3 times but it wasn’t anything consistent. However, once we got home (Christmas day) and started back into the gym my workouts were awesome! Sometimes all it takes is a break of some sort for a week or two! I am currently doing the She Sweats 12-Week Run Builder again as I prepare for something new coming up! I am making a few changes to it as I go along so I will share those later but if you are interested you can find the workout plan here. I’d say I’m pretty proud of this picture! Am I perfect?? NO! Am I as lean as I could be?? NO! Am I healthy and happy?? Yes! And to continue with my positivity…I love my hips too! 😉 I enjoyed myself over the winter holidays (Scott has 3 weeks off so I was completely off my own schedule) but also did practice moderation. We had pizza twice in Jackson Hole after skiing and also had ice cream but the majority of our trip I tried to order the healthiest thing I could so that I could enjoy the treats later! I know what is worth it and what isn’t now!


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As I mentioned in a previous post, a company flew Scott & me out to California in November for us to check out the possibility of moving there for Scott to have a job INSIDE Yosemite National Park. Yes, we would be living INSIDE Yosemite National Park. It was a very quick trip, we flew out on a Friday morning and back on Sunday night. The entire time we were just amazed that we were back inside Yosemite National Park a month after we left from our fall hiking trip! The emotions of the possible move plus my dad just having surgery made everything seem very surreal.

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Are you in or near the Atlanta area? Come hangout with me and one of my best friends, Ashley Scott! We will be going to a business building event on Saturday (January 10th) and then we will be holding an event on Sunday (January 11th). We might even have a meet and greet Saturday night! It’s going to be an awesome weekend of empowerment! Everyone is invited to the event on Saturday too! We will be learning about attitude and knowledge, and how to market and brand yourself…among many other things! We don’t have an exact agent yet for Sunday but email me at whitneycarlsonfitness@gmail.com for more information and to be added to our Facebook event!

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Two Week Challenge


We could all use a little challenge this time of year, right? It’s hard to get and stay motivated for most people during the winter and I completely understand! However, I have to stay consistent and on top of my game this winter and I want you to come along for the ride! We leave for Jackson, WY in 2 weeks and then one of my business partners and best friends, Ashley Scott, is coming in town in 6 weeks (January 10-11) for an event (and you should come too if you are in Atlanta!). Anyway, I created a little challenge for myself. Join me! This is similar to the Photo Shoot Challenge I had back in February. This is a 2 week challenge for me because of my trip but you should continue it for the whole month!

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