Find Your Fit in Fall! {Challenge}

I can’t believe it’s almost fall already! This is such an exciting time – seasons changing, schedules changing, colors changing, and hopefully YOU are making some positive changes as well! I am starting my next 12-week team just in time for the BIG Find Your Fit Fall Challenge!

There is no limit to the number of people that can join the challenge but only the first 10 will be personally coached, the rest will be a part of the online group for support and encouragement and have access to me for questions!


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Body Image Struggles

I posted this on Facebook late last night but it kind of sets the tone for my post…Scott told me last night “You sure are looking lean. It’s because you are at a good place mentally.” I couldn’t have said it better myself! I feel like for the first 4-5 months of the year I struggled with mentally being in a good place. I was preparing for a photo shoot and also had a lot of other things on my mind. It doesn’t matter what workout you do, what “diet” you follow, or who your inspirations are…if you are not mentally in a good place for whatever reason you won’t succeed! It sounds harsh but it’s true! For most of us it is the trap of comparison that messes with us mentally. We all must learn to let it go in order to be our best self. I think I’ve finally made it there and it makes me SO HAPPY!

I am so LOVING our She Sweats 12-Week Run Builder! I know, I know…I’m not a “runner” but it’s actually made me CRAVE running. It’s crazy! As I’ve mentioned before I’ve been tweaking the plan a little by doing more incline sprints and incline walking in order to prepare for our hikes but I’ve also had so much energy from it that a few days I caught myself running my neighborhood (granted it’s only one mile) once because I was stressed and needed to get out and once because I just felt like it! I know I am one of the creators of the workout plan so I am biased BUT I LOVE IT. It’s exactly what I needed MYSELF at this point in my life, even though I don’t consider myself a “runner”.

Even though I normally don’t post “ab” or many “progress pictures” at all because I hate it when someone’s profile is filled with pictures of themselves and/or their body parts. I do believe in taking them for comparison every once in a while but I don’t think everyone needs to see my progress pics everyday or even every week for that matter. I posted the picture below on my Instagram (@calrsonwhitney) last Thursday.


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He and She Eat Clean Photo Shoot

Geez, I can’t believe I’m just now posting these! Tiffany and I had a photo shoot at the end of April (right after my trip to California and right before my Bikini Photo Shoot). I just remembered that I never posted the pictures here! I’ve included a few of my favorites! You can see a lot of these on We just wanted to have a fun “lifestyle” shoot and we accomplished just that even though it was WINDY and about 50 degrees!




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End of Summer Update

It has been awhile. I’ve been super busy and spending time with my family when I have free time definitely takes priority over m blog. :-) I feel like A LOT has changed since my last update so I wanted to share…my back is 99% better now. I am so glad. I really didn’t think I was ever going to heal. I even told Scott that he would have to find someone else to go to Yosemite with him. I had to sleep in our recliner for almost 2 weeks. I sleep on my stomach normally but couldn’t because it hurt my back. Basically this means that I really didn’t get any sleep for 2 weeks. I was basically confined to the chair for 2 weeks (during the day and at night) and could only walk for exercise. I just made sure to really pay attention to my eating habits but still didn’t change my daily meals that much at all. I would wait for Scott to get home from work and then go to the gym with him and just walk on the treadmill…literally just walk. I was able to do 2.2-2.6 MPH at a 0% incline…so, don’t make fun of those people in the gym walking on the treadmill – it might be all they can do! I took 4-6 capfuls of OPC-3, Bromelaine Plus, and fish oil. I went to the chiropractor the Monday after it happened and then I went back the next week also. I started easing myself back into workouts and being very careful with my back. I warmed up completely and used more machines than normal because of the support. I felt very weak but I know better than to risk an even worse injury! Having to sit in a chair for 2 weeks and then when you do get out seeing SO many people just abuse their bodies annoys me even more. We only have ONE body! ONE! Take care of it!

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